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Central LP Gas systems installations

16 years experience in development and full-service of LPG systems from the early stages of design, up to handing over to end users ( Supply, installation, test, handover, commissioning and maintenance ) for facilities such as commercial properties, restaurants, hotels, malls, industrial plants, universities & schools, residential palaces, villas and more.

Gas field supply and services

Gas Field supply and services for the existing, commissioned and new projects Contracts with 24 Hrs. emergency services.

Trading in equipments of LP Gas systems

Supply of entire requirements, materials, devices, piping, regulators, meters, controls and more of LP Gas systems components.

Maintenance of gas installations

Maintenance contracts for the new and existing LP Gas systems, Gas supply as a bulk and for tenants in residential and commercial projects, spare parts and services, regular testing and inspections and problems solving with commissioning.

Consulting and contracting in LP Gas projects

LOGIGAS’ senior team has around 16 years GCC experience in development of LPG systems (design of piping & Detection systems, all components calculations, consulting, applying of related international standards NFPA54, NFPA58, COP and local UAE codes matching a wide range of end users. experience in many key projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ( KSA) and Qatar.

Installation and maintenance of gas leak detection and monitoring systems

Supply of entire requirements, devices, Detectors, control panels, controls and more of LP Gas systems components.